About Us

We're so glad you stopped by.

We're so happy you made it to our little corner of the internet!
We're a couple who wanna share our love of minimalist embroidery with the world.

Embroiwear began as a fun idea between husband and wife shortly after birthing our second baby girl. During those late nights while we stayed up to feed the baby, our conversations would always lead back to our dream of creating our own little brand and working from the comfort of our homes to stay close to our kids. All of that talk was just a dream that we never imagined would become our reality...

Fast forward four years and two more kids later, the Pandemic hit and affected us just as it did countless others. Suddenly we found ourselves at home and our creative sides were itching for an outlet. We took the plunge (half scared out of our minds) in the middle of a pandemic and decided it was now or never to fulfill our dreams! We bought our first little embroidery machine and some thread and jumped right into it. Things took off and suddenly we found ourselves so busy, working way past our children's bed times most nights.

Embroiwear has become more than a dream come true for our little family. It's become our creative outlet, it's a vessel to give back to our community, it gives us a way to unwind and a happy distraction in uncertain times. It has given us an opportunity to connect with amazing people throughout the country and world who inspire and fuel us to do better everyday! Most importantly, its given us a way to show our children that nothing is impossible and that it's never too late to fulfill your dreams.

Thanks again for stopping by and joining us on our journey, we couldn't do this without your support!


The Embroiwear Team